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PigmentoB SET
10 months ago

PigmentoB SET

A unique two-product system that improves the appearance of uneven toned and aging skin. Results are accumulative over time. It can be used for all skin types and manages skin prone to dark marks. It can even just be used to maintain healthy skin for normal skin types. 1) Cleanser : Invigorates tired and dull-looking skin. Sulphate and Paraben free. 2) Cream: A synergistic complex of ingredients that improves and manages uneven toned and aging skin. A complete moisturiser for longterm maintenance.
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ACnClear SET (min. 5)
1 year ago

ACnClear SET (min. 5)

R290.00 R275.00 -5%
A unique two product systems for breakouts, oily and comedogenic skin (blackheads and whiteheads). 1) ACnClear Cleanser: Soothes and clarifies congested skin. Sulphate and Paraben Free. 2) ACnClear Cream : A specialised complex of ingredients that work in synergy to assist with sebum regulation, bacterial control, and inflamed skin. This cream must be applied on the entire face except for eye area and is meant as a maintenance product. PLEASE NOTE: The Dry Relief Serum is an excellent adjunct to this product benefits, as it balances the sebaceous secretions especially when there is underlying dehydration that manifests itself as oily buildup on the skin
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